Cost:  Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim has price point that is anywhere from 40% – 100% less expensive than reclaimed, recycled, antique, or old Barnwood. There are many factors that contribute to this cost savings. Uniform lengths, lack of breakage, structural integrity and most importantly; Bodie is brand new Cedar. These are a few of the reasons that contribute to Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim having a substantially better price point than other products in the reclaimed arena.

Lifespan:  Bodie Ghost Town is 100% new cedar. The properties of cedar offer you excellent; durability, tannins, and bug resistance. Cedar is a high quality wood.

Installation:  Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim is installed like all other cedar or wood siding. There are no special accommodations needed.

Waste:  With recycled, reclaimed, antique or old Barnwood, there are inherent costs and challenges. These are due to breakage, length structure, and milling fees. Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim will save you the need to order 30% – 50% in additional material. You are receiving new cedar boards.