(cost, lifespan, install, no waste)

Cost:   Bodie Cost Town Siding and Trim has a price point that is anywhere from 40-100% less expensive than True Antique or Reclaimed Barnwood, while giving the client our true aged appearance.

Lifespan:  Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim is manufactured from 100% Cedar.  This offers the excellent properties that come with the species.  No additional maintenance is recommended.

Installation:  Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim is installed just like “New” Cedar. All tools and fasteners for new installation apply to the installation of Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim.  The superior length structure will assist considerably in the time of installation.

Waste:  Bodie Ghost Town Siding & Trim eliminates the need to order 30-50% additional material of True Antique or Reclaimed Barnwood.  The inherent costs and challenges of breakage, length structure, milling costs and the like associated with True Antique or Reclaimed Barnwood is reduced dramatically.

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